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“CrossFit is life changing. My friends have noticed a change in my physique over the past few months. Since I joined, I lost 27 lbs, gained muscle, got more toned, and I’m stronger, faster, more agile, I’m eating better, and I have more energy.  Every day is a new challenge at the box—you’ll never do the same workout. The coaches at CrossFit BMW do a great job; they are very knowledgeable in their instructions and push you to do better every day.”

Brian DeVore


“I can’t believe the results I’ve seen in just a few short months. I am stronger than I have ever been. Ever.  I used to be so concerned with a number on a scale, always wanting to meet that number. I struggled with anorexia at a younger age, and I have always been obsessed with weight. Since starting CrossFit, I no longer care what the scale says. I am fitter, and things that didn’t fit before, that I was going to get rid of, fit me like a glove. I recently went to a gym with my dad, and where I used to curl 10 lbs, I was doing 20! Things I struggled with came so much easier. Even he was amazed!! I never considered myself athletic in the least. But I see the progression and the increase in strength and stamina and it’s just unbelievable to me!

The thing I love about CrossFit BMW is their attention to form. I have a few CrossFit boxes closer to my house, but I completely trust the trainers at CFBMW. I know they would never forego form just to hit a prescribed weight. If you aren’t doing it right, they work with you to make sure you do have it right before you go up in weight so you don’t get hurt. That is priceless to me and worth any drive.

If you want to try something new every day, something that pushes you beyond what you thought you could do, then give it a try. You will be addicted to how strong it makes you feel! There is nothing quite like feeling like you can’t do a workout halfway through, and then actually completing it. The coaches at CrossFit BMW push you and make you realize you can do things you never thought you would and/or could do. They are friendly, encouraging, tough and motivating. They are passionate about teaching people and it shows. There may be 12 other people working out, but they always find time to work with you on a one-on-one basis.”

– Rebecka Pickard


“I’ve been going to CrossFit for less than 2 months, but already my diet is better and my sleeping habits are better. My fitness has improved. My dedication to health has significantly increased. I did not expect to learn so much about fitness and how to properly execute exercises that I have been doing for over 20 years.

CrossFit BMW has affected every area of my life that has to do with health. The crowd is very hardworking, inspiring, and fun. Even with the workouts being as intense as they are, when I think of CFBMW I think of enjoying myself before anything else. I look forward to it. I’ve never had as much fun working so hard.

The coaches have been helpful and attentive but still give you space to work. The Workouts of the Day that are put up by the coaches are always creative, intense, and fun. I’m looking forward to seeing how CrossFit has affected my bicycling, my skiing and my Tae Kwon Do. I’m really thinking about how I will look and feel on my 1 year joining anniversary.”

Carl L. Gilbert


“I had read about CrossFit and heard about it through friends and family for about six months prior to joining. Honestly, the largest deterrent was my current usage of a ‘cheap’ gym and inability to explain how a CrossFit membership was worth $100 more per month. After purchasing a Groupon for CrossFit and attending the first month religiously, I was hooked.

I started CrossFit as what I would consider an ‘endurance athlete with natural strength,’ having recently completed a number of endurance events, most recently culminating with the Steelhead Ironman Triathlon and the 24 Hour World’s Toughest Mudder. Post those experiences I began to lift weights a bit more. My results since that point are a change in body composition. Starting, I stood roughly 5’10” at 165 lbs. and today I am around 175 lbs. I have put on quite a bit of muscle mass without much loss in endurance/speed. In putting on that extra 10 lbs., I feel I have also leaned out and have become much more defined. The physical results are really best defined by the before and after pictures. In terms of the non-measurable stuff, I personally feel like I am in the best shape of my life, which leads to great confidence, attitude, energy, etc. 

CrossFit BMW specifically has exceeded my expectations in the level of community involved in the ‘sport’. Everyone, regardless of level, is enthusiastic, positive, and there to help and be helped. The coaching staff is diverse in ability and style, which is great from a teaching perspective, as different folks need different styles. Moreover, the attentiveness to the individual is key, and not a day goes by where I do not feel like I got the attention that I wanted.” 

Matthew Shellenberger


“I always liked to work out and have always been in shape, but I started to train for the Navy SEALs program and I knew that I needed something different than benching and doing a bunch of pushups. So I started researching Navy SEAL workouts, and that’s what led me to CrossFit. I tried a few boxes, and they were alright, but I loved CrossFit BMW as soon as I walked in. The people there are amazing. I feel like we’re all a part of a family.

My results were better than I ever could have thought. I lost body fat, grew even more muscle and got stronger. As a result of all the core and gymnastics training, my coordination and flexibility is better than it ever has been. It has become as much a part of my life as work or my family. I look forward to going in the gym every day (sometimes even twice a day) and working out. I never think after a hard day, “I still have to go workout.” I look forward to it.

Jarrod was the main reason why I stayed with the gym. His knowledge and understanding of exercises and programming have given me and everyone else a chance to become better CrossFitters and healthy people. CFBMW is the best box I’ve ever been to.”

-Mike Gerasimovich


“I’m continually amazed by my progress at CrossFit BMW. The strength gains I made in just three months were unbelievable – basically I went from not knowing how to do a deadlift, to deadlifting 200 lbs (and I keep progressing every day). 

My clothes are fitting better and I’m in better shape than I’ve ever been in my life (and I’m saying this as a 31-year old, life-long exerciser who played sports through high school). The strength gains have carried over into my day-to-day life, too; the best example I can give is that there is a large, heavy bench in my backyard. I literally could not even budge it last summer, but this summer, after working out regularly at CrossFit BMW, I was able to lift it up and move it with no problem.

I was also shocked to find that attending CrossFit regularly (5-6 times per week) was enough to get me in shape to run a 5K, without any additional training.  Unbelievable!

Aside from the health and fitness benefits, Jarrod has also created an awesome community. I’ve made great friends in my short time there and look forward to CrossFit BMW every day! Try it! Your life will never be the same!”

-Jen B.