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Back Squat

Congratulations Binno! For representing so well in your 1st USAW Olympic Lifting Meet.

Joint Mobility Drillz

800 meter run

Warm Up:
8 walking lunges
:20 hollow body hold
8 air squats
3 rounds

High Bar Back Squat:
work up to a heavy set of 5 with a pause at the bottom

4 Rounds:
20 wall ball shots
60 yard farmers carry
20 weighted sit ups
*sprint to wall ball shots and farmers carry set up
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Hang Clean Complex

Plymouth Crossfit is hosting an Olympic Lifting competition today at 10:00am. Coach Binno will be competing in the event and some of use will be going to support him after class this morning. FYI if you’d like to join us.

Joint Mobility Drillz:

400 meter run backwards
400 meter run kick sequence

Warm Up:
3 clean deadlifts @ medicine ball
3 medicine ball cleans
3 dip drive land / dip drive drop, alternating
3 rounds

Hang Clean Complex:
1 hang power cleans
1 front squat
1 hang clean
*focus on your anchor torque set up, balance, speed, and timing while transferring, solid rack position, anchor torque position on land/drop, checking for and correcting any balance issues, then working on speed
*20:00 time cap, load increase each set encouraged, 

to be determined

How To Get Better At Rowing: cfr

Terri S. looking competition ready or thinking to herself “could there                     be a baby on board”. You will be back in action soonTS. 


Bench Press

Evolution of Pitching: nyt

Sunday, Binno will participating in Plymouth Crossfits Olympic Lifting meet at 10:00am, a few of us will be going to support after class.

Joint Mobility Drillz

800 meter run

Warm Up: @ dumbbell / kettlebell 
8 flies
8 presses
8 bent over rows
3 rounds

Bench Press:
5 x 5, work up to a heavy set of 5, pause no bouncing

As Many Rounds As Possible In 18:00 of:
8 single arm overhead squats R/L
400 meter run
20 hollow rocks 


6 28 13

To be posted on white board


6 27 13

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
16 russian twist
16 hollow rocks
16 sit ups
3 rounds

For Time:
800 meter run
75 kettle bell swings @ heavy
50 toe to bars
25 thrusters @ heavy kettle bell / dumbbell
800 meter run


6 26 13

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
400 meter run
5 toe to bars
5 dips
5 L – pul ups
400 meter run
5 knee to elbows
5 squat jumps to split lunge
5 chin ups
L – run
5 candlesticks to handstand
5 burpee box jumps
5 renegade row push ups

As Many Rounds As Possible in 15:00 of Heavy Chief:
3 power cleans @ 185lbs/135lbs
6 ring push ups @ strict & true
9 air squats
*teams of 2 alternating rounds

                   Jason M. Practicing Movement. A little squat therapy
                                                  goes a long way.

Imagine crossfitting or playing your favorite sport visably impaired. Check out this trailer of A Shot In The Dark.


6 25 13

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
8 sumo dead lift pulls
8 front squats
8 v – ups
3 rounds

4 rounds For Time:
500 meter row
5 back squats @  225lbs / 135lbs
*15:00 time cap
*wod will be done in waves
After months of linear progression, Kristen got her first official 1rep                    max in back squat, shoulder press, and dead lift.


6 24 13

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
to be posted on white board

For Time:
800 meter run
30 burpees
650 meter run
20 burpees
400 meter run
10 burpees
*fast pace run, keep burpees at a pace where you can keep them unbroken.

Training The Brain: cj 
Flexibility And Stretching Primer: gw



Crossfit Total

We are getting started a little early today, 9:00am to be exact. If you can’t make it at 9:00am show up at 10:00am

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
to be posted on white board

Crossfit Total:
back squat 1 – 1 – 1
shoulder press 1 – 1 – 1
dead lift 1 – 1 – 1

Hand Balancing: yt


Where’s My 1Rep Max

Think about tomorrows CrossFit Total, which is three attempts at a 1 rep max in the back squat, shoulder press, and dead lift, Think about them not so much as a measure of strength capacity but rather a measure of power performance. Veteran lifters speak in terms of owning a weight they are about to lift, assuming proper warm up and rest, (not hitting back to back hero wods days prior).

Owning a weight means you are prepared mentally and physically. It means you perform movement in precise increments to total measure. It means that you are eating timely and properly, resting well, training at competition capacity, doing mobilization and stabilization work.

So when we get to that 1rep max stage, it becomes an act of strength and will. “Will’ built and forged through proper training, prepared to challenge and champion, to move weight at will. “The will” that keeps us grounded when we go to own a weight and are left with the experience of “Its not my day”. Where is my 1rep max? If you’ve trained long enough, you know that hitting a PR every time you approach a bar isn’t always the case.

Weightlifting events, Powerlifting events, and Crossfit totals are all test of 1rep max’s. When going for 1rep max’s, set yourself up for success by working hard, resting enough before the event and getting your head in the game. Once the lift is over, self evaluate and move on.
The fastest sprinters don’t run the same timed run or faster every time they sprint no matter what the event, 100 meter, 200 meter, or 400 meter, and when they don’t they are not suddenly slower the day the don’t break there previous time, neither are you weaker the day you don’t PR. Keep in mind, some are better at 3rep, 2rep, and 5 rep max’s as some sprinters are better at 100’s and others at 400’s. The exact reason we test our strength in the 3rep max and 5rep max platform as well. Allow for the fact that when and if you miss a PR, its still a perfect day.


To Be Posted On White Board

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