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Power Clean

Joint Mobility Drillz

power clean:
3 rep max  
15:00 time cap

new exposure:
1 clean dead lift
1 hang power clean
1 front squat
15:00 time cap
*focus on rack and proper foot work

30 double unders
10 ground to overhead @ 70% of your heaviest power clean


11 15 12

Joint Mobility Drillz

Bench Press
3 @ 70% – 3 @ 80% –  3 @ 90%

10 dips
10 chin ups
1:00 rest
4 rounds 

3 wall walks
6 push ups
9 squats
as many rounds as possible in 3:00
5 rounds 1:00 rest between rounds


Low Bar Back Squat

Joint Mobility Drilz

5 rep max day, check last weeks load sequence if ou’re adding 5lbs to 10lbs every set, lets say for a 5 x 5, you’re on track

New Exposure: 3 x 5, 5lb increase, same load increments as last week

8 romanian deadlifts
8 dumbbell or kettlebell presses, fly’s or strict ring dips
8 weighted sit ups
*go heavier than the last exposure to this one
5 rounds

Low bar or high bar back squat in ths shot? How can you tell?


11 13 12

joint mobility drillz

Snatch Complex:
1 power snatch
1 over head squat
1 hang snatch
15 burpees @ strict form
*increase load as tech/mech dictates
single or partner wod to be determined



Joint Mobility Drillz

Shoulder Press:
2 x 5 x 1 x 10 @ 70% to 75%
*again this “training”  sequence should be relatively easy, if you’re feeling stronger, that is because you are and you should be. no matter how tempted, do not go any higher than prescribed weight.

New Exposure:
3 x 5 add 2.5lbs to 5lbs  to last lift.

3 thrusters @ go heavy, warm up to work load (odd minute)
15 box jumps @ 20″ / 24″, ne @ 10 box jumps (even minute)
every minute on the minute for 10:00

Max hold on the rope or ropes, starting at pull up position, may continue in dead hang.
                                                  I miss that 


Low Bar Back Squats

Joint Mobility Drillz

warm up to 70% to 75% of your 1rep max and perform 
2 x 5 x 1 x 10
if you struggled with 65% or the 70% last week especially on your rep out, consider doing the same weight again today,  fyi: go up a % from your last exposure to this program

New Exposure:
3 x 5
add 5lbs from your last lif keeping form and bar speed consistent

16 alternating split cleans @ dumbbells or kettle bells
10 burpees
as many rounds as possible in 8:00

Here is Annie showing you how its done: My favorite wod by the way.


11 10 12

to be posted on white board

Dress in layers, hoody’s, skully’s  and gloves is time for a bench mark workout.
Whats your take on this bit of info?

Who will be running the Turkey Trot


Power Cleans

Joint Mobility Drillz

Power Clean
work up to a three rep max, follow the hip count and rack the bar properly

New Exposure:
1 clean deadlift
1 hang power clean
1 front squat
15:00 time cap
*rack, spinal posture and foot positioning along with hip count, go up in weight if technique is appropriate.

:40 thrusters @ 30lbs/20lbs/15lbs
:20 est
:40 hands off oush ups
:20 rest
:40 situps
:20 rest
5 rounds for max reps


11 8 12

Joint Mobility Drillz

5 pull ups
10 push ups
15 squats
3 rounds

400 meter row
75 double unders or 35 attempts

as many rounds as possible in 15:00

ring skill work:
levers, skin the cat, dips etc
12:00 time cap



Joint Mobility Drillz:

Low Bar Back Squat 5 rep max
1st set of 5reps after warm up should be @ 80% of  your 1rep max”

New Exposure:
3 x 5 across, add 5lbs from last lift

8 romanian dead lifts
8 handstand push ups or unilateral push presses
8 weighted sit ups
5 rounds
20:00 time cap 

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