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8 19 12


joint mobility drillz

bench press, warm up to 70% of your 1rep max, then do
3reps @ 70% 1rm
3reps @ 80% 1rm
3 reps @ 90% 1rm

800 meter run
21 hang squat cleans @ dumbbells / kettlebells
400 meter run
15 squat cleans @ dumbbells / kettlebells
200 meter run
9 hang squat cleans @ dumbbells / kettlebells
for time
^hang squat cleans performed @ single arm, alternating hands every rep, go heavy

* use spotters
*if you do not have a 1rep max perform

bench press @ 3 x 8, followed with 12 push ups each set
*newbies keep the run distance and rep sequence, sub hang medball cleans
or hang medball powercleans to a front squat for hang squat cleans
*rest appropriately, maintain strict form


8 18 12

joint mobility drillz


pull ups
sit ups 
push ups
squats, box jumps, or dips

32 intervals of :20 of work followed by :10 of rest 


08 17 12

Workout to be posted on the white board


High Bar Back Squat

joint mobility drillz

high bar squat
spotting the back squat

high bar back squat
3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

high bar back squat
3 x 8
*go heavy and use spotters

400 / 200 meter run
30 / 20 push ups
3 rounds for time
*scale the push ups by elevating the pressing surface or use a band at the waist
*run hard and fast


Dirdy on the Thirdy

Warm Up:

Joint Mobility Drillz
60yd broad jump
60yd bear crawl (fwd)
60yd frog jump
60yd spiderman crawl
60yd bear crawl (bkwrd)
60yd inchworm

Partner WOD:

30 squats (squat hold)
30 situps (v-hold)
30 dumbbell power cleans (medball overhead hold)
30 wall balls ( fwd elbow plank)
30 burpees (fwd hand plank)
*30 kettle bell crush curls (work together or rest while partner works)

Each person does 30 of each movement. If at any time one partner rests, the other must stop, as well. You and your partner must complete one move (total of 60 reps) before moving to the next.
*KB crush curls will be the only move where both members are allowed to work at the same time. You will not be allowed to choose or set up a KB until your team completes all moves. 1st team done gets 1st pick of the weight they’d like to use. And so on.

5Finger's 400# 3RM


8 14 12 Review

joint mobility drillz

hollow body
jump rope
box jump
hang clean
hang snatch 

5 power snatches @ 65lbs/95lbs
200 meter run
8 rounds
                                BN getting it done eyes wide shut 


Confession: As I reflected on the overall performance output from each class today, I realized I had to take a long look at myself as a coach and consider what I witnessed in terms of mechanics, as well.
Face it, in order to be good at CrossFit’s method of training, one needs solid- not necessarily without flaw oly-lifting skills, good- not necessarily to perfection gymnastic skillz, and know how to lift heavy loads efficiently. With that being said, I asked myself if many of you are progressing prematurely, learning a skill and moving past the novice practitioner’s cycle too soon.
In an effort to take your training to the next level, I ask that you become well versed in the BMW Standards page on this site, as it will prove to be a very valuable tool. Starting this month, these standards and a few not listed shall be met by all new and seasoned Crossfit BMW athletes. Backed by quality coaching and accessible classes, you will be responsible for meeting those standards, by practicing and training smarter. As a result, I will rx the training harder. Refer back to these standards often. Print them out if you can. Determine what level you believe you are at, and check any other skill level that you have achieved. We can discuss as a group or individually by Saturday your findings, and if you are unsure of your placement, we can determine one.
Lastly, I appreciate the comments regarding the schedule change and class implementation. You will know the position and direction we are headed very soon regarding an elite, no-nonsense training program.


BenchMark Throwdown

joint mobility drillz


50 double unders
10 clean and jerks @ 55lbs/95lbs
40 double unders
10 clean and jerks @ 75lbs/115lbs
30 double unders
10 clean and jerks @ 95lbs/135lbs
20 double unders
10 clean and jerks @ 115lbs/165lbs
10 double unders
amrap clean and jerk @ 135lbs/185lbs

10:00 time cap 
heats will start promptly at 10:00 after the hour
Crossfit BenchMark Workout Lean Out Summer Challenge Winners
And Our Athletes of the Month Matt S, and Jenn N.



8 12 12

joint mobility drillz

see below

3 – 3 – 3 – 3 – 3

10 – 20 – 30 – 40 – 50 – reps of
sit ups
double unders
for time

Mondays wod will be in heats, a 10:00 mad dash wod, with load progression. RX’D and done completly within the 10:00 time cap should be a burner.


Your Choice For Time

joint mobility drillz

10:00 of continuous exercises and or skill development using dumbbells and or kettlebells

200m run
100m, free, or 45lb, 25lb overhead walking lunges
50 free, or loaded sit ups
25 ring, true or handstand push ups
25 full hang, kipping, strict, or weighted pull ups or full hang muscle ups
100m, free, or 45lb, 25lb overhead walking lunges
200m run
2 rounds for time

time permitting:
5 x 5 bench press @ 65% 1rm
10 toe to bars
10 russian twist
10 rdls using single arm (5R, 5L), dumbbells or kettlebells

We have not forgotten our athlete of the month post , there were just such great improvements in so many of you in all around fitness, performance and skill gains, we had to decide based on one other catagory. Great work everyone, keep it up and train smart, take your rest days, even though soon the schedule will make sure that you do, with a three day on one day off, will are planning on tapering our current class schedule as well as adding a strength training class, basic gymnastics class and a warrior yoga class. Comments should be expressed.



***There will be NO 6:30pm class this evening. Only 5:00pm. We apologize for the short notice.


joint mobility drillz

shoulder press
5 x 5 add 2.5lbs – 5lbs

shoulder press
3 rep max, 15:00 time cap

*no failing, no bailing

2 turkish get ups to wind mill, (L)
2 turkish get ups to windmill, (R)
15 hollow rocks
5 rounds
*for load
*Hey Coach, I can tgu more than I can windmill. What should I do?
*Answer this in comments.

Lets talk failing and bailing, when it is necessary and when it is discouraged. Maximal effort lifts or Maximal Effort Training Method
should be hard, heavy, and a fight, done with proper technique and form.
You just don’t go into max lifts, usually 1rep maxes in power lifts, as in  the squat, benchpress and deadlift or the oly-lifts, the clean/jerk and snatch. without training for the physical, physiological and psychological demands that it takes to perform them.
Failing comes and is a necessary part of testing your absolute strength limits in the context of testing new rep maxes. That being said there is not a need to test or max out to failure regularly, this is actually counter productive and unsafe.  Your wods and max effort lifts day to day should be considered training, with the opportunity to improve skill, lift a little bit heavier than your previous efforts without reaching your absolute limits.
Yes lift heavy, yes train hard, yes get your technique and mechanics in order and train smart. My motto, as you may have heard me say plenty of times “technical strength over brute strength” will keep you mentally focused on what the task is.
A skilled athlete should know their potential for the task and not need to miss reps or bail to tell them so, you should be developing an innate sense of what you’re capable of and know when to call it quits. In your records consider your past missed lifts and your future missed lifts as learning experiences toward improving all around athletic capacity.

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