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Please Bring A Pair Of Shoes To Change In

Schedule Update:
8:00am Fundamentals
9:00am Barbell Class (Team83Elite)
10:00am Crossfit
12:00pm Running Clinic

Important Note:
Coach Binno Is cancelling Sundays class for the remainder of the month.

12 days of CrossFit – Happy Holidays!
For time:
1 shuttle run
2 bear crawls
3 mountain climbers (4 count)
4 dumbbell/kettlebell clean and jerk 35/20
5 dive bomber push-ups
6 knees to elbow
7 kettlebell swings @ 1pood/1.5pood
8 burpees
9 wall ball
10 dumbbell/kettlebell single arm snatch each arm
11 pull-ups
12 candlesticks

Performed like the song “12 days of Christmas”:
Round 1 – shuttle run
Round 2 – 2 bear crawls, 1 shuttle run
Round 3 – 3 mountain climbers, 2 bear crawls, 1 shuttle run…


Back Squat

Joint Mobility Drtillz

3 kang squats 
12 walking lunges @ load
16 hollow rocks
3 rounds

Back Squat:
5 x 3

Snatch Complex:
focus on awareness, balance,  positioning and timing of 2nd pull, tension and speed during to hang snatch
dead lift to top of knee
scoope to midthigh
hang snatch 

Back Squat NB:
5 x 3, across

Snatch Complex NB:
catching load in partial to quarter squat, focus on tension under load, squat as deep as you can maintaining form and technique
dead lift to top of knee
hang power snatch
catch and perform overhead squat 

Cash Out 
21 – 15 – 9 reps of:
kettle bell russian swings @ 72lbs/53lbs
550 meter run
*:05 – :03 rest


You know, counting the 25th, tomorrow might be 12 days til Christmas…


12 12 13

Wod :
to be posted on white board

The Cost of Competition, When Bad Programming puts Athletes at Risk:bm

Wendy from BMW squatting heavy with Amy and Meghan from the Champions Club on the spot

First, it is going to be fun to lift heavy weights and see our friends do the same, but bottom line: our goal for this is to raise money. Think of it like the Home Run Derby. The players hit a crapload of home runs and the spectators have a great time. But in the end, they raise hundreds of thousands of dollars for the Boys and Girls Club of America.

With that being said, we see personal records set here all the time – sometimes in all three lifts. There is quite a bit of excitement/pressure (in a good way) in the gym with crowds cheering on every lift. This gives new athletes a taste of what it might be like to compete in a CrossFit or weightlifting competition. With great athletes and coaches in the building, naturally the results are going to be great as well. It’s inevitable. And the cool thing about it is the pr’s never come out of the context of the purpose of the event.

We will also be keeping an eye on form. Keep in mind that we are dealing with CrossFit BMW and Champions Club – probably the two gyms with the highest form standards in Michigan. Although Jarrod and I will be allowing more slop on lifts than normal, we won’t be letting things get too out of hand. Lifting meet rules apply, but only after form/safety is taken into consideration.

It’s gonna be another good one this year. Please sign up here so we can get an idea of how to set up heats. The event will begin at 10 am and remember to bring $20 or a toy to donate.

Be good kids,



Shoulder Press

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
7 kettle bell swings
7 goblet squats
7 downward dogs
3 rounds

Shoulder Press:
3 x 5

3 Rounds For Max Reps:
1:00 toe to bars
1:00 burpees
1:00 power snatch @ kettle bell dumbbell @ 33% body weight
1:00 rest

Shoulder Press NB:
5 x 3, keep load lite to moderate across

3 Rounds For Reps NB:
1:00 v-ups or tuck ups
1:00 burpees or squat thrust
1:00  hang power snatch @ dumbbell or kettle bell
1:00 rest
*alternate arms during the power and hang power snatches

 Double Under Positioning:cf


12 10 13

Ladies!  If you’re interested in competing in CrossFit send me an email!  We’re considering a ladies competition class and want to talk about expectations, goals, scheduling, etc.  Feel free to include your thoughts about competitions, what kind of class you’d like, your goals, or favorite food.  Or all.


Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
10 single unders
20 double unders
30 single unders
40 double unders
50 single unders
60 double unders

For Time and reps:
3000 meter row
max rep lunges
max rep squats
*details to be announced 

Power Lifting, The Mentality.


Dead Lift

Change of shoes would appreciated when there is snow/salt on the ground, Thanks

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
7 goodmornings @ band
7 leg extensions @ band R/L
7 deadlifts @ band
3 rounds

3 x 5

Deadlift NB:
5 x 3

5 Rounds
10 hand 2 hand kettle bell swings
5 wind mills R
10 hand 2 hand kettle bell swings
5 wind mills L
10 hand 2 hand kettle bell swings
5 lunges R 
5 thrusters R
10 hand 2 hand kettle bell swings
5 lunges L
5 thrusters L

Earn Your Carbs:ttj


12 8 13

Joint Mobilty Drillz

Row 500 meters

10 Burpees
20 MU Transitions with Support
30 Hollow Rocks

AMRAP in 10 Minutes:
10 Burpees




12 7 13

Event Update:
Lifts For Gifts 2013!

Schedule Update:
8:00am Fundamentals
9:00am Barbell Class with Team83Elite Coach Aaron Scott
10:00 Crossfit, see below
12:00 noon, Nutritional seminar with Dr. Akua and other guests.

Its Cold! Extreme cold can be uncomfortable, which can make working out even more uncomfortable. Come to “train” prepared to fight and work hard. Competitive Crossfit athletes training and running in warmer climates don’t have the advantage of being more fit than you are unless you give them advantage to be by not continuing to progress.

That being said, working hard has to have the added rest hard to the recipe. The combination delivers satisfaction to your progress and get you closer goals. There are many ways to rest from your daily training routine with out that feeling and thought of being lazy or needing to go to the gym.

Active rest periods in other “toned down activities” yoga, swimming, tai chi, for a couple of days during a 3 to 7 day rest period after 12 weeks of going strong is prescribed medicine. So add a visit to the ice bath, sauna, steam room and or a massage to your rest days.

One other important word on that subject, you should be on a back off training mode when you start up after a soft rest period as was for mentioned

Joint Mobility Drillz

Run Or Not To Run “that is the question”

Warm Up:
3 shoulder press to a dip
3 push press to a dip
3 downward dogs
3 dive bomber push ups
3 rounds

Rack Jerk:
5 x 1, searching for a 1rep, no press out good form max
15:00 time cap

15:00 Task:
:20 ring support
10 v-ups
10 pistols
5 skin the cats

Rack Jerk NB:
5 x 1, pvc to load, add load at coaches word only, technique and mechanic work

15:00 Task:
:20 paralette support 
10 v-ups
10 single leg box drop squats
5 ying yangs/paralette pass throughs

Progress…Twice as hard For Half as Much:ca


Back Squat

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
3 kang squats
12 walking lunges @ load
16 hollow rocks
3 rounds

Back Squat:
3 x 5

Back Squat NB:
5 x 3, moderate load across, adding 5lbs to your last lift

Kettle Bell Get Up:
take 15:00 to work up to a heavy single, both arms 

flip a tire, sledge hammer strike 

Laird’s Law:om – that says, fear is good, failure isn’t bad, and that you should treat your body like a truck, not a temple.


12 5 13

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
run drillz

20:00 work on clean technique 
clean deadlift / first pull 
second pull / scoop / hang clean pull
third pull / catch / squat

15:00 recovery and mashing
(wear clean socks)

Crossfit Cheaters Anonymous:mal

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