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distance to be determined, come prepared

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
5 strict pull ups
5 strict dips
5 strict push ups
3 rounds

5 rounds for time:
7 thrusters @ 35lbs/53lbs
14 kettle bell swings @ 35lbs/53lbs santa cruz
4 down & backs
*partner wod

Athlete vs. Athleticism:pa


11 7 13

Event Update:
Turkey Throwdown!

In honor of the upcoming seasonal gorging*, and to show how thankful we are for our Crossfit BMW crew, we’ve decided to put on a little in-house competition and pot-luck!

Mark your calendars, Saturday, Nov. 23 will be our Turkey Throwdown!

What is a Turkey Throwdown you ask?
We’re doing an in-box mini-competition (so not opening it up to other boxes).  It will be team-based (more details to follow on that), and it will likely be at regular WOD time on Saturday.  It’s a mini-competition that will be designed to fall within our typical hour-long class schedule, but it’ll be a chance to work with others and THROWDOWN at other boxmates!

Immediately following, we’re planning a Thanksgiving-style potluck.  We’re hoping everyone can bring a little something to share, from plasticware to paleo pastries.  We’ll have a sign up sheet posted in the box sometime over the next few days.  There will be turkey!

Definitely consider this an opportunity to get in a good workout and to ‘try out’ competing on a small scale.  This is intended for every member of the box, from seasoned veterans to brand new fundamentals starters.  If you have questions come ask!
*note, Crossfit BMW does not promote gorging of any kind.  Except paleo gorging.  Naturally.

L – run 

Joint Mobility Drillz

L – run

Warm Up:
7 medicine ball clean & press
7 toe to bars
7 squats
3 rounds

21 – 15 – 9 reps for time of:
deadlifts @ 225lbs/155lbs
handstand push ups
*partition and scaling options to be detailed on white board


11 6 13

400 meter run

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
7 back extensions
7 shoulder presses
7 plyo-lunges
3 rounds

Bench Press:
3 rep heavy focus on form, bar speed and movement 
15:00 time cap

As Many Rounds as Possible in 5:00 of:
5 push presses @ 155lbs/115lbs
25 double unders

5:00 rest

As Many Rounds as Possible in 5:00 of:
5 box jumps @ 24inch/30inch
7 chest to bar pullups



11 5 13

Schedule Update: Fundamental Classes Start Today 7:00am and 7:30pm. Keep in mind fundamentals is a well used refining course.

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up: “the moves” @ pvc – olybar

5 rounds for time of:
3 power cleans @ 55%, 65%, 75% body weight
10 hand release push ups
5 box jumps @ 20inch/24inch

 5 rounds of alternating shuttle:
3:00 time cap per round
*details to be posted


11 4 13

As of Today all New And Current Members Will Need to Sign The New Waiver Form. Thank You

Tuesday, Thursday at 7:00am and 7:30pm, and Saturday at 8:00am for the next 2weeks is the fundamental class schedule. No matter where you are in your training progress, 1 – 3months in, freshman, sophomore status or beyond, you will find benefit in going back to the basics.

Take a few classes, take all of them, even if it means taking a break from the volume and or the strength training for one or two weeks. May be just what you need, may be just what I’m recommending for you.

Think of it as active recovery, needed active recovery, preparation, fine tuning or reevaluation of the details and movements.


Joint Mobility Drillz

Corner 2 Corner 
as many times as possible in 4:00

Warm Up:

Snatch Complex:
high hang snatch – bottom of the knee snatch

Snatch Complex NB:
high hang power snatch – bottom of the knee power snatch – overhead squat
*20:00 time cap
*for performance, increase load as you go based on proper execution and positioning
*for new breeds, increase load based on technique and mechanics or reps for form

kettle bell swings 



Just a Reminder: clocks set back an hour today

Thanks to everyone that donated and competed yesterday, and to all that came out to support  “Barbells For Boobs” competition fundraiser. Special thanks to Michelle R. Jennifer B. Lori W. Tracey G. and Agnes J. for their wonderful personal contributions and help organizing the event. 

Total funds raised: to be announced.

Schedule Update and Class Time Change:
As of next Sunday’s 10:00am class and schedule, time will be changed to 12:00noon, any concerns can be brought to the coaches attention before or after this mornings class.

500 Meter Row


Warm Up:
3 Rounds for Quality of:
10 Muscle Up Transitions on rings, with support
20 Pause OHS, :03 pause at bottom, PVC/Oly Bar
30 Hollow Rocks

4 Rounds, EACH, for time of:
20 Barbell Lunge Thrusters, 95/65 lbs
400 Meter Run

*Rest 2 minutes between rounds

Ladies of Crossfit BenchMark Workouts "BFB" competitors.


11 2 13

Today CrossfitBMW along with Team83Elite will be holding a Barbells For Boobs competition style fundraiser from 9:00am to 11:00am immediately followed by an Open House. To make a donation click here.

10:00am Crossfit, arrive on time for the warm up and mobility piece and be prepared to wod in waves if necessary.

400 meter run

Joint Mobility Drills

Warm Up:
to be announced

30 clean & jerks @ 135lbs/95lbs
for time
*scale as needed 



11 1 13

400 meter run

Joint Mobility Drillz

400 meter run

Warm Up:
burgeners x 3

As Many Rounds as Possible in 20:00 of:
2 muscle ups
4 handstand push ups
8 kettle bell swings @ 53lbs/70lbs

As Many Rounds as Possible in 20:00 of:
5 pull ups
10push ups
15 squats


10 31 13

Reminder:  Open House this Saturday – All are welcome! 9:30am warmup, 10am “Grace” workout, and 11am – 1pm party and refreshments. We’re going to raffle off a one-month-free membership and other prizes. We’ll be accepting donations for Barbells for Boobs, which provides mammograms to those who don’t qualify for assistance. PINK OUT–Wear pink to support the cause!


400 meter run

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
10 power snatches R @ dumbbell/kettle bell 50lbs/35lbs
10 power snatches L @ dumbbell/kettle bell 50lbs/35lbs
max rep double unders
4 rounds

Every 1:00  on the 1:00 for 10:00
3.5 down and backs

 Every 1:00 on the 1:00 for 10:00
5 kettle bell swings @ 35lbs/53lbs
5 box jumps @ 20inch


10 30 13

Joint Mobility Drillz

Warm Up:
5 muscle or power snatches
10 overhead lunges
15 hollow rocks
3 rounds

4 rounds:
4 kick up to hand stand
8 log rolls to v-up 

4 rounds NB:
2 wall walks :05 – :10 hold
8 dumbbell presses
8 renegade rows

5 rounds for time of:
15 over head squats @ 75lbs/55lbs
10 to to bars


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